Now you can trial my mixing service with 100% confidence and zero risk! A great way to find out what i can do for your music in a few simple steps:

  • Answer a few questions about your music below

  • Upload your stems

  • I’ll send you a crushing mix for free!

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Free Test Mix - Terms and Conditions:

  • Test mixes are fully mastered.

  • Test mixes are not full song mixes, for example: 
    Intro, Verse and a Chorus or Chorus, Bridge, Outro or similar.

  • There's absolutely no payment for a free test mix sample.

  • No revisions are included with sample mixes, however if you love the mix and want to pay for it to be finished for the whole song, revisions are included as standard.

  • I’ll send your finished mix to you within 5 business days. However, paid and ongoing projects take priority, so this may not always be achievable. I’ll keep you updated on any delays.

  • I reserve the right to decline a free test mix.

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